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Dingman's timeless leather

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Martin Dingman leather shoesA natural and the oldest material, leather is the perfect choice for making clothes and shoes. Leather has unique properties.

It breaths, it leaks steam, absorbs moisture and has high possibility for regeneration. Few types of leather are especially suitable for leather items. Napa leather has its roots at California city Napa. That is strong but soft leather obtained from sheep, goat or cattle. Nubuck leather is one-colour cattle leather that has characteristic tousled look. Velour leather is nicely abraded leather obtained from calf, cattle, sheep, goat or pig. And when you look for a perfect piece of leather shoes, bags, wallets or belts, you may choose between many types of leather finishing, colours, brands and, of course, prices.

Martin Dingman leather shoesThere are some natural places that you want to visit while searching for high-class shoes. Milan, London, Paris and New York are the places to go. Although it is true that those cities are temples of fashion, you may find excellent design where you wouldn't expect it. And you wouldn't expect that Ozark Mountains in the US is the place of great inspiration for Martin Dingman, one of the best American creators. Gloves, briefcases, shoes, wallets and luggage, all those come from the heart of the US, from the peace that surrounds Martin Dingman on his frequent trips to nature in his quest for inspiration.

Martin Dingman leather shoesA guy from Iowa spent his summers riding the horses and watching his grandfather. He repaired old saddles that seem to belong to the old heroes of the Wild West. I believe that it can't be explained why a boy who grew up in untouched nature, in a scenery that fit perfectly in a movie with old settlers, has such sophisticated taste for design like he has roots in Milan or Paris. Martin Dingman refers to that as "gift from God" and being a believer or not, it seems the most accurate description.

Mr. Dingman believed that mix of continent and sophistication is the way to go and it turned to be true. His shoes, although he makes belts and wallets and other leather stuff, are somewhere between the American and Italian design, and have a touch of timeless spirit. Mr. Dingman's shoes are on the "must have" list of any man that want to look like a gentleman.

Martin Dingman leather shoesHis collection consist of two main lines, Classic Diamond and Signature Stripe, and in each of them you may find shoes, belts and wallets. Take for example, Patrick Penny. The finest leather makes the comfortable and rubber on the bottom makes them even if you step in water. Good-looking and comfortable Patrick Penny is very good choice for all day in the office. Patrick Perforated Penny is a mix of classic and modern design with its micro embossed details.

PPP also sports rubber and overall look is suitable for casual Friday. For those who love suede shoes there are Baker Suede lace-up with contrast stitch with calf lining and all rubber bottom. Martin Dingman leather shoesThe ideal belt to wear with high-class suit is Wellesley Hand Rubbed Calf from Signature stripe collection, a hand rubbed calf with stitched edge and hand sewn blackened silver hardware. Ads to that Ambrose Tumbled Glove ID Wallet, and you'll get the fine collection of fine details.

It is impossible to describe whole collection of Martin Dingman, so it would be wise to find a haberdasher near your and dive in the world of finest leather. As I said earlier, at least one Dingman's piece you must have.

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