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D. Porthault - The artists of luxury

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | November 30, 2008
In the early beginnings they existed only in white colours. Today they wake up us with flowers; they are - bed linens.
D. Porthault
D. PorthaultIn the early beginnings they existed only in white colours. Today they wake up us with flowers; they are - bed linens.

Today bed linens are black coloured, have stripes or flowers, they are modern or with a breath of the ancient times. We buy them depending on how we feel or how we would like to feel in early morning when weather is dark and we are still sleepy to start the day.

D. PorthaultD. Porthault Company, founded 1920 by Madeleine and Daniel Porthault, made a little "revolution" in a bed linen production. That year Europe said good bye to clean white coloured bed linens and started the new era with colourfully printed ones. In a blink of an eye Porthault beautiful prints turned the company to a premier linen manufacturer. The company was first discovered by European's and American aristocracy and royalties.

Jacqueline Kennedy, the former first lady of the US, invited Porthault to the White House to redecorate Kennedy's private apartments and the guest bedrooms. They fans were also Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn and few years ago one Arabian prince made seven million dollars worth order from the Porthault. And what to say, the rest is the history.

D. PorthaultD. Porthault is today probably the best known for its early patterns "Single and Double Heart" and "Four Leaf Clover", but every year more and more patterns see the market. Currently they have over 2500 different prints including the new collection inspired by African art.

Porthault bed linens are made of cotton, silk, crepe de Chine, linen, organdie, satin and lace. They can be personally designed, have monograms, embroidery... Options are wide, just as the prices. As money is not the problem when we talk about quality and brands, just for the picture be prepared to spare 600 dollars for the basic four cotton pieces: sheets and a pair of pillow cases.

D. PorthaultWe could write and describe patterns and colours until tomorrow and still don't tell you anything more than someone else already said. Mr. and Mr. Porthault's grandson described Porthault the best: "There's the industry of luxury and the art of luxury. We are the artists."

In 1991 the company founded Concepts & Perfumes, home fragrances and candles. As we saw, a few years ago the company quit to make crib linen and if we may say in the name of young mothers, they are now very sad. Excellent quality, good taste, originality and inspired design; shortly: D. Porthault.