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Convert your backyard into an entertainment garden

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | October 13, 2018
entertainment garden
Outdoor living   A garden that's not just functional but beautiful too

A nice backard is a good thing to have to escape from a daily life. But to convert it into an entertainment garden for family and friends you need to add a touch here and there. We'll show you how.

Under shadePlace your furniture under a shade. If your party is during the day, then you know how warm it can become and you want to place your friends under some shade for a cooler feeling. If you do not have a tree in your backyard to place your seating area under it, consider making a sheltered area to keep the space cool. And it doesn't have to be too elaborated: just a few wooden beams and boards and you're good to go.

Light fixturesBring on the charm with multiple different light fixtures utilized to expand on the decor and on the space. The key is working with fixtures that bring beauty to your space, so go with designer lights. You may even want to consider using color lights to add a contemporary touch. Outdoor lighting can be a bit tricky due to multiple options but have not fear: You can add a chic chandelier, small light fixtures, romantic lighting or a mixture of all for a well-rounded twist, as you wish.

Small spaceNow, if your outdoor space is not as big as you'd wanted it to be, don't despair, just play with what you have. Section off your patio from the neighbors so you get a beautiful oasis in the middle of a hectic city. You don’t even need matching chairs to host an outdoor dinner. If you choose different pieces you'll get more focal points and the whole space will become more interesting and pleasant. The only thing you need on top of that is some friends and good food.

Outdoor kitchenWhile we are at good food, think about spending some space on a stove or barbecue, even if that means you'll have less space for a table and chairs. Put your appliances along the wall essentially creating a small kitchen. That will save you trip to the kitchen and back and there's no more fun that making food with family around you. Choose quality appliances made to stand outdoor environment and don't be cheap on them because they have to stand the test of time.

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