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Convert unused space to your unique home office

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | November 26, 2016
Home office
Working from home   It has to be formal, but homey feeling

The beauty of working from home is not just a sense of freedom, it gives you a possibility to create your working space to your taste and get something really unique.

Unused spaceWhen organizing your home working space, ask yourself what do you really need. Today the amount of paperwork is greatly reduced thanks to computers and the chance is you'll need space for your laptop, a good chair and some small storage space. And when you realize that, you'll see that you in fact don't need a separate room - some unused space in your home will do it and there is always some space staying around doing nothing. Or in the best scenario, you put some plants there because it looks empty.

Window spaceAnd that unused space may be everywhere: in the corner of your big room, next to the window, or anywhere else where there is enough place for a small computer table and a comfortable chair. If you are doing it from the scratch, it would be good to stay with either light colors or the color you love the most. That will prevent any distraction from the environment and you'll be able to focus on your work, especially if it involves some learning.

Corner officeCorners are especially welcome if you are thinking about setting the home office. Too often they are not used properly but they give you a possibility to set generous storage space if you are into business that still needs paperwork. And if you put your chair right in the corner, you will have all you need at arm's reach on your left and right. The only thing you have to pay attention to is to add lamps to strategic places to make your home office look like a bright and light place instead of a cave you'll work in.

Living roomFor those of you lucky enough to have a whole room empty and ready for converting into the command center of your new business, step aside from the usual the "whole room-business room" idea and dedicate one part of it to your home office and make a small living room in the other part of the room. That will soften the strict business feel and, when you are tired, you're just a few steps away from the nice, relaxing sofa where you can rest your mind.

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