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Colorful kitchen for great start of day

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | June 25, 2016
Very few things can stand shoulder to shoulder with a colorful kitchen that greets you with happiness every morning and make your whole day much brighter.rn
Colorful kitchen
Kitchens   Paint your breakfast in happy colors
Northlight ArchitectureIt really doesn't take much to convert a usual (read: boring) kitchen into something funny, bright and jolly. For the start, if you don't like a big reno, a bit of painting and few good chairs will do. Northlight Architecture did a great job following that idea. They chose modern, orange chairs and pink tabletop as the focal point of the kitchen - and mixed them excellently with a wooden island - and continued to build on top of that. Wisely chosen tiles, happy green ceiling and that's it. The space is small but it's full of life and good mood.

Marlene OliphantOn the other hand, if you are willing to let skilled masters "destroy" your old kitchen and make something completely new, an advice would be to find a local design team, not just because it's convenient but because they are aware of local architecture and can make your kitchen fits in like it's there for a hundred years. Marlene Oliphant Designs nailed it big time. The Spanish-style kitchen was designed for a client who loves tiles and loves colors. This kitchen just radiates California mood, flirting with all Spanish and Mexican influences this state saw.

Gritton & AssociatesTalking about details, you can have them as many as you want as long as they are connected in some meaningful way. At the first, the kitchen by Gritton & Associates Architects of Florida looks full of everything: there are colors, shapes, textures, you name it, they have it. But, everything is here for a reason: from the overall look that fits nicely into house, to kitchen towels that follow colors and texture of other elements. This is executed so well, no detail is out of place.

Zahn BuildersIf you can't, or don't want, to remodel the whole kitchen, you may focus on the eating area. You can easily make a colorful and joyful corner for the eating table simply by choosing differently painted furniture. Paint every chair as you like, play with small, bright pillows and on top of that follow the simplest rule for making a room bigger: bright color on the wall. To make the picture complete, like Zahn Builders did, put on curtains with simple but colorful design and your eating heaven is good to go.