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Charming lighting brightens the space and adds personality

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Charming lighting
Interior   Lighting is extremely important in a home

No matter how great your interior looks like, without proper lightning everything will look, well, cheap.

Clear lightsClear lights don't have a specific place that they should be placed in because of how well they work in all areas of the home. They are specifically welcome in the kitchen because those ligths brighten the space without adding any color or pattern on the ceiling. That, in return, will not disrupt your current décor. Use several smaller lights inserted in your ceilings to brighten the space and your mood will be brightened too.

Feminine lightsWhen in doubt, add a feminine touch. Yes, yes, even if you are a man, a bit of a feminine touch is always a good idea when the concept is to keep the space clean and crisp. It adds that layer of beauty while still being extremely simple and cohesive. Add scones and a chandelier to work in two different light fixtures that come together seamlessly. If you have a minimalist room, you will be surprised how you can lift the overall look with a simple touch.

Small chandelierWhen we think about chandeliers our first thoughts typically are “bulky, crystal light fixture.” However, they actually come in multiple different sizes, colors, and styles which is great. Instead of having a large chandelier, go with a mini one with all the bells and whistles. Doing so removes the heaviness from a traditional chandelier while still having that signature look. A smaller chandelier is perfect for those rooms that have enough decor yet they seem to be missing a little hint of lighting.

Big and small lightsThe notion of using layered lighting comes from the idea that you need one or more light fixtures to brighten up the space. This idea is quite useful when you are decorating a large space such as the living room or even a family room. Use ambient lighting and pair them with a chandelier or even smaller ceiling lights to bring as much lighting to the area as possible. The more light fixtures you use the larger the space will look and feel especially well if you have a high ceiling.

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