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Bridge the distance, design staircase

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Stairs   A nice touch for an elegant look

Staircase is one of those things we must have in our homes but that's not something we pay much attention to while designing the home alhtought we should.

Staircase deep contrastIt's easy to make staircase attractive and elegant and that can be described in two words: deep contrast. Using white and deep brown colors with lacquer will make our staircase attractive and will lift the whole home to another level toward luxury. This is a timeless combination that reminds us, consciously or subconsciously, on expensive homes and may even revoke an image of a European king's residence. It's easy to do, it's cheap, and it looks great.

Staircase metal handrailAnother simple but effective way to embellish your staircase is to add an unexpected detail. That could be, for example, beautifully made handrails. Today it's possible to model metal and wood as your want it to be modeled and the curved ends of your staircase that resembles the Louis-something will add flavor of luxury to your home. Of course, the color should be black to emphasize the sense of timeless. Don't worry about the rest of your house, elegant metal handrail fits everywhere.

Staircase transparentFor a modern home you need modern staircase. Now, you can achieve that in two ways: to stick with predominantly white color and minimalistic look or you can go a step further and open the whole space with transparent staircase. It is possible to make almost invisible support so that we don't need cement that blocks our view. On top of that light wood and glass will make the design complete. This is not the thing you'd like to see in a traditional house but in any modern space it will look stunning.

Staircase for kidsIf you don't have much space but there is a lot of imagination, you may choose to do something unusual: crazy shapes. it's not written in stone that your stairs must be either straight or rounded, you may opt for unusual tread shape and material mix. This will work especially nicely on the way to kids' rooms. As a rule of thumb, when thinking about stairs it's not important which style you choose as long as you stay away from straight-and-boring design.

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