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Boost storage space in a small bathroom

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Small bathroom storage
Bathrooms   Reclaim unused space and make it functional

Storage space in a bathroom is something you can never have too much of, especially if your bathroom is small. But, usable space is always there, it's just about creative use of every available bit of it.

Sink cabinetThere is a thousand things in every bathroom and no matter how often you use some of them, you want - and need - them there. A space that is often unused is that below your bathroom sink. Instead of a classic bathroom cabinet, a custom-made drawer may be a home for soap, towels and other small things you use frequently.

Behind mirrorAnother overlooked but in fact very usable space is hiding behind your mirror. If you move it just a few inches away from the wall, there will be enough space behind it for all soaps, cremes, razors, and other things to be hidden from plain sight. Now take a look at your toilet: there's always space around it. You can put a narrow cabinet near it and you'd be amazed how many things you can fit into it. And if your bathroom is really, really small, just put a basket on the floor to keep your stuff near, in one place.

Double sinkOne of the usual bathroom elements is a double sink with cabinets. That's a good solution that works well in any bathroom, but we can add a bit of flare here: instead of having closed cabinets, leave the space open, add a small pedestal and voila! You just converted an ordinary bathroom into something much more visually attractive. There is another solution if your sinks are separated. This is a perfect opportunity to put a nicely-designed stand between them which can hold a lot of stuff. Both solutions work well, it's on you to say which one suits your needs best.

Behind sinkWhile redesigning a small bathroom, you have to think outside the box. For example, a cabinet doesn't have to have classic doors that open toward you, it can be opened aside which is much more appropriate for a small space. And as with any design, the devil is in details. And in recycling, our eco-friends would say. So, if you have a crystal vase you use once a year you can put some make-up, brushes and other smaller things in it and convert it into a nice, unique holder.

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