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Blue and white Greek design in sight

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | October 28, 2017
If you want a Mediterranean touch in your your home then the Greek style is one way to go. Fresh and modern, it brings the sea to your life.
Greek design
The Mediterranean   From bright Greek villages to your home
Greek design kitchenThe Greek style of interior design is about less is more but less doesn't mean less visually stunning. Greek interior design builds its visual attractiveness on shapes, patterns, textures and colors to create your living space that's in a sense a copy of the Mediterranean. The main characteristic of the Greek style is shades of blue paired with white. That provide a sharp contrast that creates a fresh look very effectively.

Greek design living roomBased on old homes that are still very alive in Greece, another characteristic of the Greek design are whitewashed walls as a reminiscence of old country homes. Visually, accents are added through different shades of blue on furniture and windows, and decorative columns are added to make the picture complete. On top of those main colors, you may use green, purple, and red because those are colors with their roots in surrounding nature.

Greek design bedroomTalking about furnishing, forget the ultramodern look. Hand crafted furniture - the style we call rustic or traditional - is a natural choice for a Greek house. Wood is the material No1 and stone is closely following it as the typical Mediterranean material easily affordable and beautiful in look. On the floor you will find stone or marble, and in really classic homes ceramic tile are used. On top of that there comes a rug because stone is too cold, especiall during cold Mediterranean days.

Greek design bathroomRegarding sofas and chairs, textured and patterned fabrics are there to make the whole picture softer and great to touch. Similar to any old home, the devil is in the details. Greek homes are not complicated inside but few visually interesting jars, a plant here and there and exposed tableware are welcome. As a rule of thumb, the philosophy is simple: have a few pieces but let them be visually interesting. Don't go over the edge, keep it bright and airy, and the Mediterranean touch is there for you to enjoy for years to come.

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