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Bathrooms in the open

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Martha Taylor-Brown | Saturday July 11, 2015 12:14PM ET
Bathroom open
Brave ideas   Be in your bathroom and outside at the same time

To have a bathroom with an open view may seem a bit odd at first but it can be a unique and tranquil experience.

Wall to wallOne of the things that almost never cross our mind is to tear down the whole bathroom wall. But you should think about that if you want a bathroom with a view. If your place is high enough, wall to wall windows will do, and if not you can always take some glass that allows you to see outside but no one can see what's going inside. Instead of windows you can opt for a door so you can open them wide and enjoy the nature you just let in.

Natural styleFor a bathroom with a view a natural style is a natural choice. That means a lot of wood, color in sync with the nature around you, and simple bathroom elements almost without furniture. The focal point, and the main point of your interest, will be your bathtub so play brave when going after it. Choose a big, bold piece with simple line, and follow that style with other elements. For that final touch choose some big rain shower head and you'll be in paradise in no time.

ModernOpen bathrooms may be a perfect fit to a very modern space. If you are already in "clean lines, lot of light" thinking, you can connect the outer space with your interior. Instead of a simple doors, let it be your bathroom that will form a border between the two spaces but will also act as a connection. To make things even more interesting, you may built-in bathtub so nothing will obstruct your view. Add to that a few loudspeakers installed for your favorite music and the feeling is complete.

BackyardIf you are willing to go one step further and have enough space in your backyard, you can build a complete bathroom out there. Since it will be in the nature, a small jungle or a Japanese-style surroundings are natural choice to make the space secluded and at the same time an oasis for calming down. With a stream going around, the feeling of living immersed in nature will be complete. This bathroom can be used all year round and will be a perfect hideaway for nature lovers.


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