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Awesome small backyards

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | July 27, 2019
If you have a tiny yard that needs a bit of work don't give up on it thinking it would cost you too much time and money.
Awesome small backyards
Outdoor living   A small backyard project
Small paved backyardYes, you will have to invest your free time, unless you decide to hire help to speed it up. And yes, you will have to spend some money, but if you keep it simple it shouldn't cost you much. Don't be burden with a deadline. Take one step at the time and soon you will be surprised how much work you have done in a short period of time. Even the tiniest backyard is worth of a bit of effort to become a great escape to enjoy when the weather is favorable.

Small backyard with plantsIf you think that you don't posses skills needed for the job, no worries, you do. With a little planing in advance you will have a brand new yard where you would spend hours and hours gazing at its beauty. First, clear the clutter. If the fence is in good shape just stain it to bring it to life and you are half way done. If you like urban design pave the backyard and you will never have to mow it again. Another option is to pave just a part of it to keep an area where you can plant your favorite grass.

Small backyard slabsYou may also explore garden lighting ideas for that special charming night hideaway feel. Good lightning is a key element for good mood and everything comes down to what you like. You may go with strategically placed smaller solar lamps placed around your backyard, or you may place a few smaller lamps here and there and one bigger, focal point lamp near you sitting area. You may go with with white or colored light, there's no rule written in stone here, just follow you intuition.

Awesome small backyardAnd to do it all, it's really not a huge effort. Since the backyard is small you will get rid of all old stuff you don't need really easily. With a bit of planning you can also put slabs where you want with minimum effort. Turf? No problem! Buy it, dig a few inches into the ground, roll the turf out and you're done! After that, the only thing that's left is to stick a few lamps in the ground and bring out your outdoor furniture. Minimum effort, maximum joy, maximum envy from your neighbors.