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Autumn redesign with colors of fallen leaf

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | October 8, 2016
When the weather turns cool and sun isn't warming you anymore, your home becomes more of a shelter than ever. To keep it connected with nature, use autumn colors to create a cozy feel in your home.
Autumn colors
Vivid interiors   Easy ways to bring autumn inside
Colorful detailsTo keep that cozy feeling while leaves are falling and rainy season is starting, you can bring a piece of nature inside to make your space more inviting and in connection with the season. You can do that in numerous ways, from simply changing and adding a few details, to more demanding makeover - the choice is yours. If you want to go easy, focus on details: put your old cushions away and bring the new ones in, all in shades of red and yellow. Add some flowers in bright colors and you have a new room.

Dark interiorsThe beauty of autumn colors is that they can lift up any interior: from old and traditional in dark colors; to modern, bright and white. When you are doing an "autumn redesign," details like cushions are a must but if you have a dark, serious room, think about some pictures that can lift the whole space up and give it a totally different dimensions. Go bold, choose abstract motifs and just stay with green, yellow and brown. Those colors go well with dark colors anyway, so there's no fear they won't fit.

CurtainsA step more toward bigger redesign are - curtains. They are big in area, so they are a natural focal point, the only thing you have to have in mind is choose something that will fit nicely to the rest of your room. But that's not so hard: Stay with autumn colors and play with the texture and shapes. Find a shape that has a connection with some detail in your room and go with it. You may also opt for something complementary and break, say, your straight lines with flowers and other organic lines.

Walls colorsAnd if you are brave enough - get some paint! Instead of choosing details and thinking what works well with what, you can paint your walls and completely change the look of your room. It's an easy task, it's cheap, and you can repaint them anytime you want. Again, one simple rule to follow: Do not paint all walls the same color, you may easily create a headache. Instead, use different shades on different walls - just follow the colors you can see on an autumn leaf and you are there.