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AGA cooker, an unbelievable mix of warmth and kitchen efficiency

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | September 14, 2019
Can you imagine having anything in your home, anything!, that works perfectly for 80 years? Of course you can't. Unless you have an AGA stove in your kitchen.
AGA cooker   The symbol of English upscale cooking and heating stove
AGABack in 1922, Gustaf Dalén physicist from Sweden who got a Nobel prize, realized that his wife works very hard in the kitchen. Blind as he was after one of his experiments, he managed to create a new type of stove that was easy to use and yet very suitable for a range of culinary techniques. The employee of the Swedish AGA company, he created history. After 1957 all production was located in the UK and AGA became the symbol of English upscale cooking and heating stove. They are very well in use after 50 years and the oldest model still alive and kicking was 80 years old.

AGAThe AGA cooker is in fact a heat storage stove. Unlike other stoves, it was designed to be constantly on. A burning source of low intensity is constantly providing heat to a cast iron heavy frame and the accumulated heat is then be used for cooking. AGA was criticized for energy consumption and the company changed the philosophy a bit so today it can, but must not, be constantly on. But, it still remains one of the greatest things in your home that you can use daily and happily pass to another generation.

AGAAGA is made today as it was in the past: molten iron is poured into moulds. That give the final product not only the high quality but also make every one AGA stove unique because each surface is subtly different. An AGA stove come in several variant but each and every one of them produces the superb cooking results. Cooking with AGA is a bit different than with a conventional stove and easier. There are no knobs and dials on an AGA cooker! You have every temperature available all the time: the higher up in the oven something is, the hotter it is. If something is cooking too quickly you just move it down. If it is cooking too slowly, you just move it up. Brilliant!

AGAWhat's more, an AGA cooker serves as a stove, toaster, bread maker, kettle, drier, home warming device... With it you don't have to have a range of kitchen appliances, you just have an AGA. A stove that will always keep your home warm is also very efficient thanks to design of the space inside: In a 2-oven AGA cooker you can cook for up to 8 people. And there's even 4/5-oven AGA cooker! Fuelled by electricity, gas, oil or LPG, an AGA cooker's gentle warmth and hot ovens and hotplates that help to keep themselves clean by carbonising cooking spills is more than ever a symbol of a warm home and fantastically design product that doesn't need major changes 100 years after its birth.