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Add a little bit of velvet to make your home chic and glamorous

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | October 20, 2018
What material can add color and romance, elegance and sophistication to your home? Well, many can but the king of them all in all its glory is velvet, never out of trend, always so intriguing.
Materials   Velvet never really went out of style and most probably never will
Velvet sofa and chairsIf you want a real impact in your room, you know what to do: choose a large piece of furniture embellished in velvet. And what that would be? A sofa and matching chairs, of course. Well, in this case velvet is what makes the whole picture, colors and overall design may be different and in fact it's good to have visually different pieces connected only with the material. For a sofa, choose a more neutral color and then add bright chairs to create great visual experience and living dynamic.

Pink velvet chairIt's interesting how seemingly ordinary chair can transform into something so lively, from dramatic to romantic, when they are in a velvet version. There' no better color than soft pink for creating a romantic look and a pink chair fits great in a bedroom or a living room. Admittedly, pink is perceived as a feminine color, but pink velvet looks so great it adds a strong visual impact to any room and any style. And if you choose a French look with "king's curves," you are sure to have something that can't go unnoticed.

Kitchen velvet chairsHowever, velvet chairs may fit greatly in one other room: your kitchen. Since a pink chair is a strong focal point and there are usually several chairs side by side, a good idea is to choose them of different colors. Let the velvet connects all of them, and colors will naturally lead the eye from one chair to another, creating a dynamic and interesting room. There are no real rules here, you can choose something totally different from the overall design and it will still look great.

Velvet sofaRegarding style, velvet is great because it fits everything: from some baroque piece of furniture to old 1970s sofas, to modern furniture in different style. It allows you to create something really wild or to follow the overall look in lines, shapes and colors. Velvet can be subdued, emphasized or something in-between, but in any case it will look great. That's a reason it never really went out of style and most probably never will.