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A touch of bohemian style for a bohemian soul

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | January 19, 2019
The bohemian style is one among top favorites, no matter what time we live in. Because of how it appears and feels, it is always welcome in our home.
Bohemian room
Living room   Earth tones are signature bohemian hues
Bohemian bedYou can't be a bohemian, a socially unconventional person, without a bohemian room. But here unconventional means extremely interesting and comfortable. Regardless of how you decide to decorate, furniture will be one of the very first things you decide to change or add to the room. A bohemian bed consists of a low wooden bed that has no bed frame. The idea is to have a comfortable sleeping area that looks relaxed and laid back all at once. If you do not want to have a wooden bed frame or even a bed frame at all consider laying your bed on the floor and adding wooden items around to give the entire look a bohemian twist.

Bohemian earth tonesEarth tones are signature bohemian hues. They have a classic rich aesthetics that works well with numerous different colors while still having a strong contrast between each other. Keep the rustic hues together and add vibrant natural colors in to have that complete feel. The porch is perfect for displaying a bohemian twist because it is in the open and it does allow you to work with your surroundings to make your personal space great. Take your earth tones to another level by adding patterns to make them even more bohemian.

Bohemian eclectic huesConsider using eclectic hues that tend to clash together for a brightening effect that is simple yet packs a large punch. The idea is to have the colors as the main focus of the room without taking away from the beauty of the space itself. It’s a contrasting effect that brings life back to the room. An eclectic palette brings the most out of a space due to how versatile colors can be. Consider having a range of diverse colors that play with each other in a simple manner. Additionally, you may even want to add patterned pieces in your selected hues.

Bohemian metallicDecorate your walls with metallic frames. Instead of having pictures or portraits on the wall, have a metallic framed mirror or pictures of nature in a metal frame. The metallic frames work great in a space that needs a bit of a natural feel to it without adding color. A metallic touch will make the space appear even large especially if you add a mirror. Different mirrors of different shapes will add intricate different lighting into the space. The metallic touches will enhance the floral and patterned decor you may already have.