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A dash of sea freshness in your home

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | August 15, 2015
A blue-and-white color palette brings comfort to any space, adding a dash of sea freshness that will make your day brighter.
Blue and white
Blue and white interior design   A color combination that never fails
Traditional coastalBlue and white are typical coastal colors and almost obligatory elements in any interior design connected with the sea. Colors of a traditional sailor uniforms are transferred into houses: large white surfaces with dark blue accents, followed by a brighter blue shade to break that two-colors scheme and make the space more interesting. Details may in be any blue shade, while larger areas, like ceiling or floors, are kept brighter for more spacious visual experience.

Brown and blueMaybe you heard that brown and blue are not going together well but that's far from the truth. If you have traditional, rustic furniture and don't want to go for new, you may breathe a new life introducing blue colors on the walls. Of course, since brown is dark and doesn't reflect light well, you'd want to go with lighter blue to make the space more airy. Usually, only one blue wall will be enough because you don't want to overdo it and create a feeling you are sleeping in a blue color paint.

Modern lookNow, let's go toward more modern look, still connected with some rustic elements. You may play with different shade of blue, keeping in mind that large areas are best to be kept brighter, and you may use as many shades as you want because they all are going nicely with each other. For that rustic touch, cover a wall or part of it with wood and add a few wooden elements so that the wall is not alone in its color. Other details, such as lamps, may be as modern as you like, they will fit nicely to your "old but new" blue space.

Contemporary designAnd if you are totally, absolutely in contemporary design, nothing is lost, you can still use blue very effectively and create, let's call it that way, a modern coastal interior design. Mix simple and wide furniture elements in brighter blue and white colors and that's it. No need for a whole bunch of details, just divide the space visually in black and white areas in equal ratio and you're done. This is a great way to bring the sea inside and keep that truly modern look you can't live without.