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D. Alwinsky, M.D.
Mumps, a highly contagious viral disease that attacks all ages

MumpsMumps is one of those "modern" diseases: It is easily preventable with a very safe vaccine but we witness its return. So, why is that serious disease back among us?

Typhus strikes again, but why in the most developed country?

TyphusA disease centuries old appears again and it appears in one of the most developed countries. The Southern U.S. is hit by typhus and it seems it has a good chance to spread widely. But why?

Lifelong genetic disorder osteogenesis imperfecta

Osteogenesis imperfectaIt's a well-known scene from a crime series: A child comes to a hospital, the staff notice bone breaks that have nothing to do with the current condition and the answer is simple - that's a clear case of domestic violence.

How a lack of education and common sense creates absolute nonsense genders

GendersA heated debate about genders is underway, and it shows something very disturbing: schools and common sense totally failed in the western world.

Trichomoniasis, a common sexually transmitted disease you can get over and over again

TrichomoniasisTrichomoniasis or trich as it is also known, is a very common sexually transmitted disease (STD) with symptoms that vary. But however common it may be, most people don't know they are infected.

Ogilvie syndrome, when the heart makes the colon dilated

Ogilvie syndromeOgilvie syndrome is the acute dilation of the colon with an interesting clinical picture: it suggests mechanical obstruction but there is no evidence of such an obstruction.

Grand Rapids, a small-town warmth and Midwest friendliness

Grand Rapids, Mi.What's the connection between fabulous beer and fluoride in drinking water? You can find the answer in the second largest city in Michigan, the place where you can find more breweries than you can imagine, and their beer as far away as Dublin and London.

Gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease with no symptoms at all

GonorrheaMore than two million cases of sexually transmitted disease were reported in the US in 2016, the highest number ever. The steepest increases had gonorrhea occurring among men – especially gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men.

How lying anti-vaccine doctor put millions of people in danger

VaccinationVaccines are a great way to protect individuals and the society against diseases. However, a growing number of people is rejecting vaccination putting their children and themselves in danger. All because of one fraudulent research paper.

Crohn's, complex and highly personalized disease

Crohn's diseaseIf there is a disease that we could call interesting from the medical point of view, Crohn's would be it. Symptoms range from mild to severe, it is highly personalized, and number of patients is increasing, particularly in the developing world.

How to avoid expensive law suit by making right diagnosis

DiagnosingWhen a diagnosis is accurate and made in time, a patient has the best opportunity for a positive health outcome. But, sometimes the diagnosis can be difficult to determine and to make a clinical decision, some rules must be followed.

How medical education can strike back on doctors

DoctorYou learned hard as a student and as an experienced doctor you have successfully treated a number of patients. But, at one point in your life, everything you learned may start to work against you.

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