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These dating websites in Netherlands will return more than $10 million to users

Christian Fernsby ▼ | August 24, 2019
Consumers that have been misled by fake profiles on dating websites will receive financial compensation.
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The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) and the company behind these websites, The Right Link B.V, have agreed on a commitment.

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This commitment covers approximately 37,000 individuals who have been harmed.

The company has reserved over 9 million euros (more than $10 million) for these compensations.

Consumers paid a lot of money in order to get in touch with the individuals that were presented in these profiles.

However, this was impossible because the websites used fake profiles.

Consumers were not sufficiently informed about this practice.

They did not know that they were paying to chat with 'chat operators'.

The dating websites have made a commitment to ACM to inform users more clearly about their methods.

The business model of these fake dating sites consists of having consumers send as many messages as possible to the individuals of their choice.

However, these individuals do not exist, since fake profiles are used.

The chat conversations were held with 'chat operators' who pretended to be the individuals in these fake profiles.

They tempted users to hold long conversations (often adult conversations).

Since you had to pay for each message, consumers lost a lot of money (in some cases even thousands of euros) without ever getting what they had expected: an actual date or real interaction with the individual of their choice.

The sites on the list: