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Zipmex Exchange to launch in South East Asia with partners

Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 26, 2019
Zipmex, a digital asset exchange platform, has partnered with AEC Securities (AECS), a public listed trading and brokerage firm in Thailand, and Dr. Sathit Limpongpan, former Chairman of Stock Exchange Thailand (SET), for its launch in South East Asia.
Marcus Lim
Asia   Zipmex is looking to catapult its debut into the regional market
Headquartered in Singapore, Zipmex is looking to catapult its debut into the regional market by working together with strategic industry partners to build a strong foundation for its platform.

These partnerships aim to breach the gap between traditional finance and the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency with the effort to be the most trusted digital asset platform, amidst the climate of regulatory ambiguity.

The partnership with AECS helps ensure Zipmex’s credibility in the Thai market, particularly so as the former is regulated and in compliance with the laws of the Thailand Securities Exchange Commission. Marcus Lim, CEO of Zipmex said, “The partnership and investment signify confidence in our vision to be the most trusted in the region.”

Additionally, the two companies are able to tap onto the expertise of one another to provide greater value to traditional and digital asset investors; with Zipmex drawing on AECS’s existing brokers, traders and clients and giving AECS the opportunity to explore new investment portfolios for its clients.

Referring to the partnership, the Executive Director of AECS, Dr. Akalarp Yimwilai, said: “The joint venture with Zipmex has enabled a gateway to new digital assets. As a first mover, it will offer our clients with the ability to invest in a new asset class which has tremendous potential.

"The partnership signifies the bridge between the two worlds of traditional finance and digital investments. We are very excited to be a part of the bright future that Zipmex holds.”

In addition to partnering up with AECS, Zipmex has garnered the support of Dr. Sathit Limpongpan, who has joined the company as a key advisor.

Being the former chairman of the Stock Exchange and Director of Bank of Thailand, Dr. Limpongpan will bring invaluable insights to the company.

Dr. Limpongpan shared: “I’m very excited to be part of the team at Zipmex. As a digital assets exchange, Zipmex is building itself to become the centre of digital assets trading and investments with a fundamental philosophy of trust and security built in from the very beginning.

"Blockchain and digital assets have undeniably caused a disruption in finance which has caused many old institutions and establishments to adapt their traditional processes of doing business.”

The partnerships established with AECS and Dr. Sathit Limpongpan propel Zipmex forward in attaining validation from the industry and solidifies its entry into South East Asia markets.