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W&T Offshore finds more oil at Gulf of Mexico field

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Staff Writer | January 6, 2017
W&T Offshore said that its Ship Shoal 359 A-18 well has logged 149 feet of net oil pay in five zones and extended the size and depth of the Mahogany field.
W&T Offshore
Oil exploration   The SS 349 A-18 well
The SS 349 A-18 well was drilled on the western side of the Mahogany field to extend the productive limit of the "T" sand, which was discovered in mid-2013 by the A-14 well.

The A-18 well not only confirmed that the "T" sand is present and oil bearing on the west side of the field but it also logged and penetrated four additional attractive pay sands in addition to the main "T" sand target.

After casing the "T" sand, the Company drilled an exploratory tail approximately 950 feet deeper beneath the main well target to test seismic reflectors imaged with its newest 3D seismic data and discovered an additional pay interval in a deeper "U" sand interval.

The success of the A-18 well is expected to generate additional drilling locations for the company.

W&T holds a 100% working interest in the Mahogany field.