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Whole Foods: We can use 'Racism has no place here.' Our employees can't

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 7, 2020
A Connecticut Whole Foods store prohibited a group of its employees on Saturday from wearing shirts printed with the phrase 'racism has no place here.'
Whole Foods
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When employees showed up to work wearing the shirts, management at the Milford, Connecticut Whole Foods told them they had violated the company's dress code, said Graham Johnson, an employee who was among those reprimanded.

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The Whole Foods employees were given three choices: they could turn their shirts inside out, change shirts entirely, or go home, Johnson said.

"Most of us chose to go home," said Johnson, who has worked for Whole Foods for more than two years. "We didn't feel it should be considered a violation of dress code because it's the company's own words."

Whole Foods has used the phrase "racism has no place here" in its own marketing materials concerning the Black Lives Matter movement, she said.