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UK Parliament seize Facebook documents after Zuckerberg refused to answer MPs' questions

Staff Writer | November 25, 2018
In a surprisingly aggressive move, the U.K. Parliament have seized documents belonging to Facebook thought to contain information about the company's potential misuse of privacy information.
Britain   Facebook's share price lost $100bn
The U.K. Parliament Saturday obtained documents belonging to social media giant Facebook, as they look to further their investigatation into the Cambridge-Analytica scandal.

Facebook's share price lost $100bn, while CEO Mark Zuckerberg was forced to testify in front of the United States Congress, later promising changes and reforms to Facebook's privacy policy.

However, there have been allegations that he failed to stick to his word, with U.S. company Six4Three suing Zuckerberg for - among a litany of violations, disregard for user privacy, and forcing rivals of Facebook out of business.

"We allege that Facebook itself is the biggest violator of data misuse in the history of the software industry," Ted Kramer, owner of Six4Three, told CNN in the summer.

It was Kramer who was forced to hand over the documents on a visit to the U.K. after the British Parliament used a rare legal loophole to threaten Kramer with fines and possible imprisonment should he fail to hand over the documents.