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TRAC to invest $10.9m in Mozambique's roads

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Staff writer ▼ | March 27, 2015
South Africa's Trans-African Concessions (TRAC) has said it plans to invest $10.9 million in rehabilitating a seven kilometre stretch of the motorway in the municipality of Matola in Mozambique.
Mozambique road
Trans-African Concessions   A seven kilometre stretch of the motorway
TRAC blames the problem on overloaded trucks.
TRAC operates the EN4 motorway from Maputo port to the South African industrial town of Witbank on a 30-year lease contract.

This stretch of the motorway is in very poor condition, much to the annoyance of motorists who have to pay tolls for the privilege of using it. TRAC blames the problem on overloaded trucks.

The construction firm operates and manages the 570km of the highway road between the countries and it is one of the busiest routes in Southern Africa bearing testimony to Mozambique's post-war progress and development.

The EN4 Toll Route has been a catalyst for this and has played a pivotal role in improving cross-border co-operation between South Africa and Mozambique.

TRAC spokesperson Fenias Mazive said while trucks continue to disrespect weight limits, the roads they use will suffer early deterioration.

"The degradation of the motorway is due to overloading", he stressed. "The truck drivers do not respect the weight limits. The trucks circulate with excessive cargoes, and the surface of the road cannot resist", said Mazive.

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