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Toll still working to restore services after cyber attack

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 11, 2020
Toll is still working to reinstate its systems after falling victim to a cyber attack more than a week ago.
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Many of its core services, including global freight shipments, parcel delivery, warehousing and transport services are operating through a combination of manual and automated systems, but some services, including its parcel booking and tracking platform, remain offline.

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Toll customers, including retailers, say they are still missing shipments worth thousands of dollars and have not been able to get clear answers from the company about the situation.

“The most unfortunate thing is we just have had no communication, I feel like we’ve had to be proactive and I feel really sorry for the Toll call centre staff who have been left hung out to dry with a standard answer that gives no clarification,” Jeff Ward, sales manager for the Melbourne-based fair trade clothing company, Liminal Apparel, told the ABC.