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Subsea cable to connect Singapore, Myanmar and India

Christian Fernsby ▼ | December 16, 2019
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) will lay a new submarine cable connecting Myanmar and India.
Submarine cable
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The investment, worth around $400 million, will be undertaken with a leading internet content provider such as Google or Facebook. Such companies are big users of communication cables.

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In addition to Mumbai and Chennai, the Mist cable will come ashore in Singapore, which is the central hub connecting Asia to the rest of the world. The cable is designed for a maximum transmission speed of 240 terabits per second.

NTT Ltd., which oversees NTT’s global business, formed a joint venture in October specializing in undersea cable projects with Japan ICT Fund and Singapore based Wen Capital. The joint venture plans to increase its investments to lay multiple undersea cables over the long term.

According to NTT Ltd. Director Hajime Miyazaki, the venture aims to speed decision-making on the laying of new cables. Submarine cables are usually financed by consortia of several companies, but the time required to reach a consensus among the investors can slow down the process, Miyazaki said.