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Statoil, Shell and Total to store CO2 offshore Norway

Staff Writer | October 2, 2017
Statoil said it was leading a partnership aimed at advancing Paris climate efforts through carbon capture and storage.
Statoil, Shell and Total
Oil exploration   Carbon capture and storage
Statoil said it would lead a project alongside the Norwegian subsidiaries of Royal Dutch Shell and French supermajor Total in storing carbon dioxide captured from industrial facilities in eastern Norway at an offshore site.

"Statoil believes that without carbon capture and storage, it is not realistic to meet the global climate target as defined in the Paris agreement," Irene Rummelhoff, Statoil's executive vice president for new energy solutions, said in a statement.

The International Energy Agency described carbon capture and storage as a necessary addition to other low-carbon energy technologies meant to drive down global greenhouse gas emissions.

The process involves capturing carbon dioxide from sources like power plants and storing it in such a way that it won't enter the atmosphere.

To meet the benchmarks outlined in the Paris climate agreement, the IEA said CCS "will not be optional."

It's been 20 years since the start of the first large-scale CCS project, at Sleipner in Norway.

The United States, meanwhile, hosts the largest CCS project of its kind, the Petra Nova project in southwest Houston.