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Southwest Airlines sues its mechanics union, claiming it’s purposely taking planes out of service

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Staff Writer | March 1, 2019
The dispute between Southwest Airlines and its mechanics union escalated as the carrier filed a lawsuit accusing the workers of reporting trivial maintenance issues in an effort to take planes out of service and gain an advantage in contract negotiations.
Southwest Airlines
America   Southwest canceled 117 flights Thursday
In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas, Southwest said it has seen a surge in “cosmetic and other minor maintenance write-ups that do not have any effect on the safety of flight,” such as a missing row number.

Southwest Airlines asked a federal judge force the union to stop promoting what Southwest describes as an illegal effort.

Southwest said there have been more than 60 aircraft out of service on some days in February, compared with 14 aircraft typically undergoing maintenance on an average day.

The result has been an increase in flight cancellations.

Southwest canceled 117 flights Thursday, more than any other carrier, according to FlightAware.