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Sanquan Food recalls products suspected of African swine fever contamination

Staff Writer | February 19, 2019
Major Chinese frozen food producer Sanquan Food said on Monday it has recalled products that may be contaminated with African swine fever, following media reports that some of its dumplings tested positive for the virus.
Sanquan Food
Asia   African swine fever is incurable in pigs but does not harm people
African swine fever is incurable in pigs but does not harm people. An epidemic of the disease has spread rapidly across China since August 2018, reaching 25 provinces and regions.

Dumplings, which consist of dough wrapped around meat or fish that are then boiled, fried or steamed, are a staple Chinese dish and are also a central meal for the Lunar New Year holiday.

Sanquan, one of China's top dumpling brands, said in a statement to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange that it has recalled all products suspected of contamination, specifically citing reports of contamination in three batches of pork dumplings. The company said it is cooperating with local authorities on an investigation into the reports.