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Renault-Nissan CEO 'reasonably optimistic' about Brexit

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Staff Writer | August 8, 2016
Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said he was "reasonably optimistic" that after Brexit the country will continue to be an important partner with the European Union.
Carlos Ghosn
Auto industry   The UK will be a big partner
Ghosn said that the UK will be a big partner for the trading block but commented: "The question is what will happen to customs, trade and circulation of products. That will determine how, and how much we will invest in the UK".

He said to the BBC that Renault-Nissan was not ready to plan for its manufacturing plant in Sunderland, which employs about 6,700 people, as investment in the plant depends on how well Brexit negotiations go.

He also said that the prices of cars made in Europe and sold in the UK will rise and nothing could be determined once the sterling stabilises. Since the EU referendum the pound had plummeted against the US dollar.

The Franco-Japanese Sunderland plant is the biggest in the UK and last year made 500,000 cars, most of which was imported to Europe.