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ProMIS Neurosciences to develop multivalent vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 22, 2020
ProMIS Neurosciences announced initiation of a program to construct and test a multivalent peptide vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
ProMIS Neurosciences
Alzheimer   ProMIS Neurosciences
The critical first steps in vaccine development will be carried out by VIDO-InterVac, a global leader in vaccine research and development.

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Recent progress in the development of blood-based biomarkers for neurodegeneration is enabling increased screening to diagnose and identify individuals at risk of developing AD.

A vaccine capable of inducing an effective antibody response against amyloid-beta toxic oligomers (ABOs) could be administered prophylactically to at-risk individuals to prevent development of symptomatic disease.

Additionally, the vaccine could be given therapeutically to individuals living with a diagnosis of AD to inhibit further disease progression.

In a proof-of-concept study, ProMIS identified six different peptide epitopes selectively exposed on toxic ABOs.

Immunization of mice with each of these individual epitopes produced protective antibodies against ABOs, without undesirable binding to amyloid-beta monomers or fibrils.

ProMIS also conducted a successful proof-of-concept vaccination study with one of the peptide epitopes in a mouse model of AD, which demonstrated neuronal protection and improvement in cognitive deficits.