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Prague Airport plans $691 million expansion

Christian Fernsby ▼ | November 18, 2019
Prague Airport has introduced a long-term concept and development of the airport as a response to the increasing number of passengers in recent years.
Prague Airport
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The Ministry of Finance approved the investment in the first stage of the enlargement of Terminal 2 of approximately CZK 16 billion ($691 million).

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About CZK 9 billion is invested directly in the extension of the terminal, while the remaining CZK 7 billion in related constructions, such as taxiways, a parking or an elevated road and other traffic routes in front of the terminal.

Andrej Babis said Wednesday the Vaclav Havel Airport is planning to expand its Terminal 2, which currently serves flights to the visa-free Schengen zone countries, and will build a new runway by 2028, among other things.

The number of passengers using the airport could jump to 30 million a year.

After the completion of the first phase of the extension of Terminal 2 in 2028, a total of 9 new aircraft contact points with boarding bridges and gates for short and medium-haul flights will be added. However, there will also be five alternative aircraft available for handling long-haul flights.

The airport has reached capacity, with 16.8 million passengers using it last year and 17.7 million expected this year.