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Petrobras workers temporarily suspend strike

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 21, 2020
Workers of the Brazilian state owned mixed economy company Petrobras approved a provisional suspension of the strike that began on February 1 following a meeting of the deliberative council of the Unique Federation of Oil Companies (FUP).
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According to the FUP, the interruption of the strike is motivated by the opening of dialogue between the company and the workers, which must be voted on in grassroots meetings. There are protests against the closure of a fertilizer factory and breaches of the labor agreement in the company.

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In a note, the entity highlights that the movement achieved the suspension of the dismissals at the Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant, in the southern state of Parana, and the opening of a negotiation process in which the Superior Labor Court (TST) acted as mediator.

The strike was suspended because of the progress made after these 19 days of strike, to return to negotiations which was one of the priority tariffs,' said Luiz Felipe Grubba, leader of the Sao Paulo Unified Union.

But we understand, he added, 'that the points have to move forward to be concrete, it's not just the talks. We are stopping by showing good negotiating faith.

The TST minister and rapporteur of the action against the strike, Ives Gandra, agreed to negotiate the demands after meeting with the FUP and the Unique Workers' Union, with the mediation of parliamentarians and senators.

After the contact, the federation submitted a petition in the case file, formalizing the request to open negotiations. In response, Gandra called for a mediation hearing between the FUP and Petrobras tomorrow.

The Parana TST also ordered the suspension of the dismissals in Araucária Nitrogenados, a subsidiary of Petrobras in that territorial division.

The maintenance of the plant's activities, with almost 1,000 workers, 396 of them own and 600 subcontracted, is one of the main demands. The suspension of the dismissals is a judicial order and valid until the next hearing between the union and the state-owned company, in March.