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Panama Canal to introduce freshwater fee for ships from February 15

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 16, 2020
Because of increasing global temperatures and decreasing precipitation in the Panama Canal watershed, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announced a new freshwater fixed fee of USD $10,000 for ships over 38.1 meters.
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The fee affects all tankers, dry bulk carriers, container ships and LPG ships, and goes into effect February 15.

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Another fee will be added, ranging from 1% to 10% of the vessel’s toll, which will depend on the level of the Gatun Lake at the time of transit. Official lake levels will be published daily and forecast for the following two months, according to the ACP.

A separate vessel visit creation fee (ETA handling fee) will be introduced and applied for all bookings at their time of creation. Vessels 91 feet in beam and over will be charged $5,000, while vessels over 125 LOA (38.1 meters) but less than 91 feet (27.74 meters) in beam will be charged $1,500. The ACP announced that the fee is nonrefundable after scheduling, even if the transit booking is canceled.