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Yahoo! is finally going in the right direction
Marissa Mayer YahooOctober 5, 2012 ET
Two and a half months after Marissa Mayer took one of the hottest seats in the IT industry it's already obvious that Yahoo! is going in the right direction. And it is going fast.
The Fall of the House of Apple
AppleSeptember 1, 2012 ET
It is obvious now that the era of one of the most innovative companies in the world has ended. It seems that it's blasphemy to say that for a company with iconic products and billions in cash but recent events show that Apple is a desperate company.
BP knew 11 months ago!
Deepwater Horizon spillMay 30, 2010 ET
When Deepwater Horizon exploded 40 days ago that was the beginning of the biggest disaster of that kind in US history. However, it could have been prevented because BP's management knew about the problem almost a year ago.
Microsoft finally did it right
 MicrosoftLive Search cashbackMay 23, 2008 ET
Microsoft is well-known for spending cash on every company that might bring something in the future, and now it put at least some of them to good use.
Can Jerry Yang find help in China?
moneyMay 15, 2008 ET
Considering Yahoo's shrinking market share it is hard to believe that Yahoo will rise through organic growth. So, where will Mr. Yang find the money? In China?
How Climate Counts got it all wrong
climate appleMay 10, 2008 ET
How one of the worst press releases found its way to newspaper and website headlines. And made Apple bad along the way.
Microsoft needs a radical change
Bill Gates MicrosoftMay 8, 2008 ET
It is safe to say that Google is untouchable when talking about broad-based search and companies make strategic mistake when they try to compete with them. A new approach is needed.
Yahoo lives in interesting times
yahoo microsoftMay 4, 2008 ET
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