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One of world's biggest defense companies found new market - children's books

Staff Writer | January 28, 2017
One of Russia's largest defence companies, and one of the biggest in the world. has published a book about its tanks for children of pre-school age.
Innovative   Legends of Uralvagonzavod
Uralvagonzavod has produced books for preschool age children and teen. "The Adventures of the little tank" and "Tanks Uralvagonzavod" were published in a book "Legends of Uralvagonzavod " and appeared in all libraries, schools Dzerzhinsky district of Nizhny Tagil.

The initiator and leader of the project was the executive director of Uralvagonzavod Vladimir Roshupkin.

The author of "The Adventures of a small tank," as well as the first edition of "Legends of Uralvagonzavod" became well-known children's writer Svetlana Lavrova.

Opening the book, the children and the parents fall into the Panzer Museum Uralvagonzavod with the boy Danilo and his little toy tank. The small tank accidentally left in the hangar at night and met with the legendary "Grandpa" T-34-76 and T-34-85, as well as more modern T-54 machines, T-72 and T-Bram 90.

Tanks talk about themselves, their stories and adventures. Huge T-90 told the kid about his travels in India, as it was in the hot Thar desert and the jungle.

In addition, the book has an interactive page with puzzles, coloring books and labyrinths, where young readers will be able to feel part of the adventure.

"The tanks Uralvagonzavod" is for children in secondary school. The author is engineer-designer of the Ural KB transport engineering Dmitry Kolmakov. The book introduces teenagers to the amazing world of tanks created in Nizhny Tagil.

Uralvagonzavod believe that this project will not only introduce children of all ages with a unique history of the Russian machine-building enterprise and its development, but will also instill a sense of patriotism.