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Norwegian and SAS to fly on re-used cocking oil

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Staff writer ▼ | November 10, 2014
SAS flew from Arlanda to Östersund with a 10 % blend in of a certified JET A1 based on re-used cocking oil.
Swedavia contributed   Biofuel for SAS was delivered by Statoil Aviation and SkyNRG
The fuel was distributed and delivered by Statoil Aviation and SkyNRG. The flight was also supported by Swedavia.

The synthetic JET A1 as well as the blended JET A1 is certified according to ASTM D7566 and D1655. This flight was not only the first of its kind for SAS but also the first flight from Arlanda Airport.

On November 11, Norwegian Air Shuttle and SAS Scandinavian Airlines will conduct another biofuel flights. Two conventional scheduled flights, one operated by each airline, will depart Trondheim and Bergen airports, respectively, to make the trip to Oslo with 48% biofuel in their tanks.

SAS CEO Rickard Gustafson said: "SAS has been working to speed up commercialization of renewable fuel for more than 10 years now. Even though we in SAS have reduced our total CO2 emissions by a full 13% since 2005, biofuel will enable us to reduce those harmful emissions a great deal more as we are heading for a more sustainable aviation industry."

Norwegian CEO Bjorn Kjos said: "Norwegian is keen to do everything possible to make aviation more environmentally friendly. Norwegian has a clear objective to reduce our CO2 emissions by 30% per passenger between 2008 and 2015. The most important environmental measure is to have new aircraft, and Norwegian’s fleet is among the newest and most environment-friendly in Europe."