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Norway’s largest cruise port Bergen to build Europe’s largest onshore power supply facility

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Staff Writer | September 25, 2018
"We are building a shore power facility that will supply three cruise vessels with power simultaneously.
Port of Bergen
Europe   Port of Bergen
"The aim is for the facility to be ready at the beginning of the cruise season in 2020. Furthermore, with the support of the municipality of Bergen, a more limited facility that will serve one cruise vessel at a time will be ready by 2019” as explained by the Port of Bergen director Johnny Breivik.

A shore power facility that can supply three cruise vessels at the same time is estimated to cost around 120 million NOK. Port of Bergen is applying for funding for about 50 million NOK from Enova, a state owned grant scheme, as investment support.

The remaining cost of the investment will be paid for by Port of Bergen and BKK. However over time the industry itself, the owners of the vessels that dock at Port of Bergen, will ultimately pay for the cost of establishing shore power.