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NorthStar Anesthesia reacts promptly to email phishing campaign

Staff Writer | July 23, 2018
Between May 23 and 24, 2018, NorthStar Anesthesia, a national anesthesia management company, learned of an email phishing campaign that resulted in the compromise of certain employees' email credentials.
NorthStar Anesthesia
Technology   NorthStar is mailing notice letters
NorthStar immediately took steps to respond and commenced an investigation to determine the nature and scope of the incident, as well as determine what information may be affected.

The investigation included working with third party forensic investigators. Through the investigation, NorthStar determined that an unauthorized actor(s) gained access to certain employee email accounts between April 3 and May 24, 2018.

The investigation also determined that the emails affected by this incident contained personal information.

While the information potentially affected varies by individual, NorthStar's investigation determined that the information that may have been affected includes name, date of birth, health insurance application or claims information, health insurance policy or subscriber number, health information, IRS identity protection number, taxpayer identification number, medical history information, treatment and diagnosis information, and medical record number.

For certain individuals, this incident may have also affected Social Security number.

"The confidentiality, privacy, and security of information in our care is one of our highest priorities.

"Upon learning the email phishing event, we commenced an investigation to confirm the nature and scope of the incident and identify any individuals who may be affected. We have been working, with the assistance of third party forensic investigators, to identify and notify potentially impacted individuals.

"While we have security measures in place to protect information in our care, we are also implementing additional safeguards to protect the security of information.

"NorthStar is mailing notice letters to individuals who may have been affected by this incident and is offering potentially impacted individuals access to credit monitoring and identity restoration services for two years at no cost," the company said.