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Nord Stream 2 operator disagrees with German regulator's preliminary decision on waiver

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 4, 2020
The Nord Stream 2 AG company, which operates the Nord Stream 2 project, does not agree with the German Federal Network Agency’s preliminary decision to deny the company a waiver under the EU Gas Directive, the company’s spokesperson Jens Mueller said, TASS reports.
Nord Stream 2
The decision   Nord Stream 2
"We are aware of the information shared by the German authority, BNetzA, with the participants in the procedure. We do not agree with this conclusion. We will wait for the formal decision of the authority and of course evaluate it and further actions to preserve our rights," he said.

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Germany's Handelsblatt newspaper reported earlier, citing the Federal Network Agency’s document, that the regulator had decided to reject the waiver request. The parties are expected to clarify their positions by May 8, and after that, the regulator will announce its final decision.