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Nearly 5 million Gmail passwords posted online

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Staff writer ▼ | September 10, 2014
The emails and passwords of nearly 4.66 million Gmail users have turned up on a Russian Bitcoin forum.
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They were traced to English, Russian and Spanish users of the service. News of the list was reported by Russian news outlet CNews, which said that 4.93 million addresses and passwords were posted to the forum in plain text for all to see.

Google Russia told CNews that the company urges users to use strong passwords and two-step authentication, while Google US told PC World that the company has "no evidence that systems have been compromised." Google took steps to help secure accounts when news comes they've been compromised.

It's likely that the list of Gmail accounts is actually a collection that has been built up over time. The party responsible for the post, "tvskit," says that more than half of the passwords are valid.

The list with passwords in plain text has been removed from the Bitcoin forum, but analysts believe the information in the credential list is outdated. Even if most of the information is outdated, it may be a good time to change your Gmail password.