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More Equifax info exposed than originally disclosed after breach

Staff Writer | February 10, 2018
Equifax's reported hacking of consumers' personal information was more widespread than originally disclosed, according to new documents submitted to a U.S. Senate committee.
Equifax info exposed
Technology   The credit reporting agency
The credit reporting agency said cyberthieves accessed tax identification numbers, email addresses and driver's license information of 145.5 million customers - stretching beyond the scope the company originally revealed, according to documents received by the Senate Banking Committee.

The Wall Street Journal and CNN reviewed the documents sent to the Senate.

In September, Equifax said it had been breached, compromising personal information belonging to 145.5 million consumers, including names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth and addresses, from May through July 2017

Now, documents show that the license state and issue date might have also accessed. Equifax said an insignificant number of email addresses were affected and they are commonly searchable in public domains.

Equifax spokesperson Meredith Griffanti told CNN Money the original disclosure wasn't meant to represent the full list of potentiality exposed information.

With the data, criminals can open bank accounts and lines of credit, including a credit card or mortgage.