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Michigan files lawsuit against 3M, DuPont and others for contamination

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 17, 2020
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel filed a lawsuit in Washtenaw County Circuit Court against 17 defendants, including 3M and DuPont, for the damages and injury to the State of Michigan caused by contamination from toxic per and polyfluoroalkyl substances, collectively known as PFAS and often referred to as “forever chemicals.”
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The State’s lawsuit asserts that the following 17 defendants deliberately concealed the dangers of PFAS and withheld scientific evidence, and intentionally, knowingly and recklessly sold, distributed, released, transported, supplied, arranged for disposal or treatment, and handled and used PFAS and PFAS-containing materials in Michigan in a way that they knew would contaminate natural resources and expose Michigan residents to harm:

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- Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing 3M;

- DuPont as well as its post merger and spinoff DuPont de Nemours;

- The Chemours, a spinoff of DuPont, and its subsidiary The Chemours; Corteva Inc., another DuPont spinoff which was part of Defendant Dow DuPont;

- Dyneon LLC;

- Archroma entities;

- Arkema entities;

- AGC Chemicals Americas Inc.;

- Daikin Industries entities;

- Solvay Specialty Polymers, USA LLC; and

- Asahi Kasei Plastics North America Inc.

“Chemical companies have known for decades that PFAS compounds don’t break down, build up in the human body, and exposures can lead to illness, yet they never warned Michigan consumers or manufacturers of the unintended consequences associated with using these ‘forever’ chemicals,” said Clark.

“There is ample evidence that PFAS represents a clear and present danger to Michigan’s drinking water, our economy and our quality of life. Michigan deserves fair compensation from the chemical companies that profited from the sale of PFAS chemicals in our state.”