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Jamaica to increase mango exports to U.S. and other countries

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 22, 2020
Floyd Green, Jamaica’s Minister of Agriculture, spoke about the high demand for Jamaican mangoes in the United States.
Jamaica mango
Orchards   Jamaica mango
This is the reason his government has set up plans to establish several mango orchards on the island.

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Green says the project will be undertaken in partnership with private investors, adding that 100,000 pounds of mangoes have been sold in the US since the beginning of 2020, with one importer suggesting that over 10 times that amount could be sold there.

The initial effort will place 60 acres in Clarendon into mango production beginning in 2021, with plans to use the public-private partnership model to expand to 1,000 acres in mango production to meet market demand.

Ultimately, some 4,500 trees will be provided to farmers and other individuals through the program. On October 1st of this year, 247 fruit trees were distributed at an event at the Commodore New Testament Church of God in St. Catherine.

The project, which is being implemented together with the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), encourages farmers and others to plant fruit trees on unused lands.

The process of gaining approval for mango imports from the US Department of Agriculture began in 2009 and required changes to be made to existing regulations as mango imports had to be produced according to methods that targeted the mitigation of specific fruit flies, soft scale insects, and diseases. At that time, Jamaica’s export of mangoes involved less than 0.08 percent of US mango imports.