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Indian railways wants superfast trains for passengers and cargo

Staff Writer | August 11, 2016
Indian railways has explored possibility of running trains at about 500 km per hour speed to reduce travel time considerably between two cities.
Indian railways
Trains in India   Railways has sought introduction of Maglev
Railways has sought introduction of Maglev (magnetic levitation) trains, a second generation high speed train running in China, Japan, Germany and South Korea, in the country and accordingly floated expression of interest.

Three companies - two from U.S. and one from Japan have so far shown interest. The last date for submitting the bids is September 6, said railway member Hemant Kumar.

Maglev train floats above the track by about 1 inch to 6 inches on a cushion of magnetic power. The track magnets are controlled by computers which keep shifting forward the magnetic force of the track magnets so that the Maglev train is pulled forward.

"Besides transporting passengers, such trains can also be utilised for faster movement of goods," Kumar said. The Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed route is essentially a passenger route.