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Harsco and Hydro Industries in waste recycling solutions

Staff Writer | March 14, 2017
Harsco Corporation and Hydro Industries, a UK-based treatment company, announced a joint agreement to expand the use of Hydro’s technology across Harsco’s footprint at more than 140 steel-producing sites across the globe.
Steel production
Cooperation   140 steel-producing sites
The new agreement will enable both companies to bring much-needed environmental and recycling solutions to the steel and metals industries, particularly in the treatment and processing of oily mill scale, an iron oxide by-product formed during the production of steel.

During production, the mill scale becomes contaminated with oil and lubricants, significantly limiting its ability to be recycled back into the production of new steel.

This results in higher raw material and disposal costs for the steel producer. A typical steel mill is estimated to produce from 100 to as many as 750 tons of oily mill scale per day.

In addition to the treatment of oily mill scales, future solutions could potentially include the processing of clean water for the mills.