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Germany orders Tesla to stop tree clearing

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 18, 2020
A German court has temporarily halted the site preparation for Tesla Inc.’s first electric car factory in Europe.
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The Higher Administrative Court for Berlin Brandenburg ordered Tesla to stop clearing trees on the wooded site near Berlin until it considers an environmental group’s appeal.

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In a statement Sunday, the court said it had to issue the injunction because otherwise Tesla might have completed the work over the next three days.

A lower court in Germany ruled last week that Tesla could clear the trees for its factory.

But the environmental group Green League Brandenburg appealed, citing the potential for the factory to pollute the area’s drinking water and other issues.

In its statement, the higher court said there is no reason to assume that the Green League’s appeal won’t succeed.

German officials celebrated in November when Palo Alto, California based Tesla decided to build its first European factory in the country.

Tesla said the new plant will build batteries and vehicles, starting with the upcoming Model Y SUV.

The company had hoped to complete the factory in the middle of next year.