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Germany: Nord Stream 2 must work under EU rules, operator to appeal

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 19, 2020
Germany’s energy regulator on Friday declined to grant a waiver of European Union gas directives to the operators of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, dealing a fresh blow to the project to carry gas from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea.
Nord Stream 2
Rules   Nord Stream 2
Nord Stream 2, designed by Russia’s Gazprom to increase direct shipments to Europe, is far behind schedule and has faced political opposition from Washington, as well as from Ukraine and Poland through whose territory Russian gas is shipped to consumers in western Europe.

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Germany’s pipelines regulator, the Bundesnetzagentur, said the project was not exempt from EU unbundling rules that require separate operators for the production, transport and distribution of energy for the section that runs through German territory.

Nord Stream 2 intends to appeal against Germany’s refusal to withdraw the gas pipeline from the EU Directive. The operator of “Nord stream-2” does not agree with the position of the Federal Network Agency of Germany (BNetzA).

BNetzA refused to notify the request, as the pipeline does not meet current regulations. Gas pipelines that were completed before May 23, 2019, are eligible for exclusion from the Directive.