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FundedByMe launches operations in the Netherlands

Staff Writer | December 11, 2018
FundedByMe will open a new office in the Netherlands, as the company’s latest international venture.
Daniel Daboczy
Europe   Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
Together with their new partner Mikael Royson, FundedByMe hopes to expand the company’s international position on the European market.

"The Netherlands is just right for us, perfectly in line with our growth strategy.

"The market has a high potential and we're confident that our local partner, Mikael, will make the best of this opportunity for FundedByMe.

"We're very happy to offer our current members the possibility to keep up with the Dutch startups and at the same time create opportunities for both Dutch entrepreneurs and investors.

"The Dutch startup scene has been described as highly prominent, which we've seen by the amount applications we've historically received from cool Dutch startups, so we're ecstatic that we can now serve them locally.” states Kristin Svärd, Head of International Growth, FundedByMe

“As off 2018 all companies will need a clear international strategy, and for crowdfunding the international aspect is extra interesting.

“To open up a new office in the Netherlands is strategically perfect for us, as the market regarding equity crowdfunding is very interesting and as many of our members are from that region.

“This step is definitely along the lines with our growth strategy and we have high expectations on both our partner and on the market itself," claims Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe.

Earlier this year FundedByMe released that they had established a new partnership with Poland. Now they are choosing to take the next step by partnering with the Netherlands to continue their ambitions to become the leading crowdfunding platform on the European crowdfunding market.

During the following year a new office will be established, which will create a good position to introduce more Dutch companies and investors to one another. With the leadership by the entrepreneur and financing professional Mikael Royson, FundedByMe hopes to attract more international investors and continue to promote crowdfunding as a first alternative when procuring capital.

“I have followed FundedByMe’s strives for a few years now and I believe the opportunity to create this strategic partnership and starting the new venture is going to be very exciting. The Dutch market is very fragmented when it comes to crowdfunding platforms and equity crowdfunding especially is a very small part of the total capital raised. I look forward to start working with FundedByMe to change this!” states Mikael Royson, FundedByMe Netherlands.

Mikael Royson has a background in finance and have mainly worked within telecommunication and media. During his time at Tele2 he both worked and lived in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a great expansion opportunity for FundedByMe, it is a very interesting market as the Netherlands is considered to be a trading nation with a close relationship with the Nordics. The Netherlands has a high GDP while they, at the same time, doesn’t have any large players targeting equity crowdfunding specifically, which makes it a great strategic move for FundedByMe.