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Facebook, Google, PLDC and TE SubCom to build highest-capacity cable

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Staff Writer | October 13, 2016
TE SubCom, Facebook, Google, and PLDC (Pacific Light Data Communication) will co-build the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN).
Communications   A 12,800 km trans-Pacific submarine cable
This is a 12,800 km trans-Pacific submarine cable system that will provide the first direct undersea route between Hong Kong and Los Angeles, California (USA) with ultra-high capacity transmission.

Scheduled for commercial launch in summer of 2018, PLCN will include TE SubCom's C+L technology, a major step forward in available cable transmission capacity that effectively doubles the available bandwidth and capacity per fiber pair over a traditional C-band-only designed system.

Once completed, PLCN will be the highest-capacity transpacific route.