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Envision commissions wind farm in France

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 27, 2020
Developed in the Burgundy Franche Comte region by Envision Group's French subsidiary, Velocita Energies, the Entre Tille et Venelle wind farm is thoughtfully integrated into the regional surroundings and will produce 107 GWh of clean electricity each year.
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This is equivalent to meeting the annual energy needs of 50,000 people.

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With this wind farm in France, Envision anchors its presence in the region and contributes to the regional objective of 110 MW of installed capacity by 2020. With an installed capacity of 40 MW, the Entre Tille et Venelle wind farm achieves 36% of the target for this zone.

Envision designs and manufactures industry leading wind turbines that are installed around the world. Envision wind turbines were among the first "intelligent" turbines in the sector and are equipped with sensors to monitor and optimize their performance, reliability and efficiency.

The 16 EN131 2.5MW turbines installed at Entre Tille et Venelle each have a 2.5 megawatt capacity and 131 meter rotor diameter. These turbines were designed and adapted specifically for this wind region in France.

The Entre Tille et Venelle wind farm was designed with input from forest managers, elected officials, owners and operators to eliminate or manage its impact on the environment and surrounding community.

Particular attention was paid to landscape, heritage and architectural preservation throughout the project. Envision and Velocita are committed to following self imposed environmental measures to respect and protect the site's biodiversity.

The wind turbines are located more than 900m from any homes, nearly twice the 500m regulatory distance. Walking trails were preserved and improved thanks to the 13 wind turbines installed in the forest.